a perfect service

Top management in own hands

At the heart of our product platform is the modern Tixx-Backoffice. The central hosting ensures the highest level of data security and stability for every event organiser.

Another advantage: as a web-based application, the back office can be accessed very quickly and at any time from anywhere. It has been designed especially for the independent organiser - and can be individually configured accordingly. 


Best customer relations for ticket purchase

Customer experience is the sum of the experiences that a customer has with a company offering services - correspondingly important is the customer relationship and giving the customer easy access.

The mobile-first and white-label ticket online shop offers optimal design options thanks to its flexibility and individuality. Various booking masks, including seat-specific booking in the single-layer stadium plan, digital shipping methods, a variety of payment options and the conversion-optimised checkout process offer the fan the best possible customer experience.


Increased turnover through voucher sales

In addition to traditional tickets, ad-ons and parking spaces, vouchers can also be purchased in the online shop. These can be redeemed in the ticket and merchandising shop, but also stationary via the back office. The back office offers extensive configuration and reporting options, which provide the organiser an easy way to increase sales.


Self-service in the fan account - including secondary market

The Fan Account offers a wide range of self-service options. They reach from the administration of season tickets and sponsor allotments to the download and forwarding of digital tickets, the conversion of reservations and the use of the integrated secondary market.

The secondary market solution enables the resale of single tickets and individual matches from season tickets. In the process, all tickets are sold in one shopping basket and from one seating plan. Also important: The control of the tickets for sale remains with the organiser at all times.

Fair ticket distribution

The Tixx-Select lottery function ensures a fair and comprehensible process for the distribution of tickets. The function can be used for all events, as well as only for individual events or for specific areas in a stadium - depending on what is desired. The ticket requests are accepted in an uncomplicated manner enabling an automatic draw of the requests that can be set according to various rules.